“Sit at the chef counter and see the chef cook before your eyes at close distance and personally explain the inspiration behind each dish…IMPROMPTU sets itself apart from traditional high-class dining, instead builds a brand-new experience of Casual Fine Dining.”


IMPROMPTU presents an innovative cuisine through French cooking techniques with chef services. Inspiration behind his fusion cuisine is a marriage of classic French cuisine and the multiculturalism of the United States. Through the bar seating and open kitchen design, it creates a form of casual fine dining atmosphere where things just harmoniously come together, where the interaction between the dining environment and the chef become one, and break with the traditionally serious and formal fine dining atmosphere. With fashionable music, innovative cuisine and casual interaction, it elevates the dining experience to a new frontier and creates a new form of dining - casual fine dining.

Having worked in many top-notch fine dining restaurants, it's always the dining “experience” that touches Chef Paul the most. He has been contemplating whether there could be a way to create a high-class restaurant where delicious cuisine is served, but without the formal dining atmosphere and where customers and chef are both relaxed?

IMPROMPTU invited the first Taiwanese recipient of Germany's Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best, one of the top 100 designers in the world – Tienfun's host Qing Ping Chang to design. Through the green color of the lake and color of the land, Chang has set the tone of the restaurant to be relaxing and friendly. The counter, which is made of wood and other natural elements, allows guests to seemingly picnic in the middle of a beautiful field, sharing the delicious cuisine with the chef in a relaxing manner.

Meanwhile, in terms of the entire dining concept, it borrows elements from Japanese counter dining, therefore the entire restaurant's main portion is the bar counter and open kitchen. Here, the chef is able to open his heart and explore and innovate to his desire. The customers sitting at the bar counter can observe all the events that take place within the open kitchen. Through the special dining experience, guests become a part of IMPROMPTU as well, seeing firsthand how the ingredients are prepared and cooked.

IMPROMPTU provides a series of chef set menus. These all stem from Chef Paul's extensive experience of more than 10 years. He integrates the classic French culinary techniques, the inspirations he had from traveling worldwide, the culture of exotic cuisine from America's melting pot, with the usage of local Taiwanese farm products and the seasonal elements, he adds global culinary techniques to local flavors. Voilà, a gastronomic feast is presented at close distance right before your eyes.

IMPROMPTU will change its chef set menu regularly and provide you with cuisines that will continue to tingle your taste buds through new inspirations and innovations that come from the changes in the seasons and local areas. We'll offer the most suitable wine list to go with the chef set menu of the season.